Purpose of this Site

For about 20 years, beginning in the mid-80's, I was a serious part-time free-lance photographer/writer, competing for publications as best my limited time would allow. In the mid 90's Laura joined the team and began adding her work to our library of stock images. We had reasonable success, with several thousand publications in a wide variety of markets. No matter how often it happens, it is always a thrill to see our work published.

However, in recent years the stock photography world has changed considerably. The number of talented photographers submitting images to a static market has grown exponentially. The competition for sales is more intense than ever and growing, resulting in a buyer's market for editors, which keeps prices low. It is our opinion that this trend is not going to change and is likely to become even more exaggerated as photographer numbers continue to grow. Simply put, we can no longer justify the time and effort required to remain competitive in this changing market. As much as we like seeing our images in print, we can no longer consider the pursuit of free-lance publication sales to be a profitable use of our time.

However, we desired to remain in the photography business in some manner, so in 2002, with the purchase of Dos Venadas Ranch we made a decision to quit pursuing publications and to move our nature photography business in a new direction. Because the number of photographers is growing dramatically and the opportunities for sales is not, we decided to quit working for the image buyers and to start working for the image creators. We are doing this by making our land and experience available to other photographers on a day-fee basis. We still publish some pictures with established clients and will still send images (Stock File List) to those who ask, but we don't actively solicit publications any longer.

Today we shoot for our own fun and fulfillment, which is a return to why we started making nature images in the beginning. This return to our roots is refreshing. We can now shoot what we want and when we want, without regard to the whims of editors. The purpose of this site is mainly to share our images and love of nature with other photographers.